Walk Around

The turboprop itself was finally connected to the rails, and the plumbing connected. In the real world, a flight always begins with a "walk around" of the aircraft, so here I will walk around the turboprop prior to its first run.

  Overall Back View:

Most sensor inputs and plumbing come together near the intake. You can see the copper service lines, the propane manifold, fuel manifold, and other important connections such as the tach sensor.

Back View lower right:

The single push-to-connect fuel port can be seen lower right, as well as the vertical copper feed line for the fuel port on the gas gennie. The tan cable is the EGT sensor. The banjo fitting near the center routes cooling fuel/oil to the power turbine tunnel. Also in view are the R/C and LCD carry-through ports to the ECU.

Back View lower left:

Evident here are the propane manifold, the gas gennie lube line, power turbine air line, switch, and ECU.

Left Side Rear:

A better view of the gas solenoid valve and the glow-plug cable.

Left Side Front:

The left exhaust stack. The kinked copper tube is the oil tank breather. Barely visible is the service fitting for the gearbox lube line. You can also see the two connections to the oil pump pack, visible lower right.


A better view of the oil tank fittings and the propeller assembly.

Front Right:

My particular mounting device can be seen clearly... a set of Zenoah-sized aluminum vibration-resistant engine mounts, trimmed, machined, and mounted to the gearbox backplate. The oil sight glass can be seen on the front of the oil tank.

Right Side:

The right side of the turboprop is not nearly as busy as the other side, with only the EGT probe visible. The detachable fuel pump pack can be seen under the probe.

Awww, ain't she sweet? Let's run it!

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