Where it all happens...

All turning is done on this 1950's vintage rebuilt Hardinge model HLV-B, fitted with an Acu-Rite DRO, resolution of .0001. The rebuilding of the lathe is a story unto itself... I wrote the story for Guy Lautard, hopefully to be published in The Machinist's Fourth Bedside Reader.

I make extensive use of the Aloris styled quick change toolholders, which are a real boon to any lathe; highly recommended. The lathe has a native 5C collet capability, and also has an assortment of chucks, mosy of which are the Adjust-tru variety, allowing centering of stock to perfection.

The vertical mill I use is an ENCO model 1525. This is really a miniature Bridgeport mill, with a table size of 8" x 36". Although Taiwanese built, the quality is quite nice. I inspected it thoroughly before purchase, and was impressed. It does good work... what more can be asked for?

Only bad news is that the motor is 3-phase. I bought a rotary phase convertor for it, which also does double-duty with the lathe.

Accessories include various workholding devices and an assortment of indexing fixtures, notably a 5C collet jig.

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