The Grizzly Roll Former

Another essential tool is a roll to form sheet stainless into relatively small tubes, later to be welded. MSC carries a nice American-made bench roll for $349. Being cheap, I bough the Grizzly bench roll for $149. In typical fashion, I learned once again that you get what you pay for. The box arrived with parts rattling around inside. Initial cleanup and inspection revealed a roll which was absolutely worthless. The adjustments couldn't get the rolls together closer than about .080", way too wide for the work I was going to do. Rather than send it back and admit my error, I decided to fix it. This took almost an entire day and my entire machine shop to repair. What a pain. DON'T buy this roll unless you enjoy fixing the mistakes of the poor Chinese prisoners who produced it.

Wow, it looks OK, doesn't it? I had to completely tear it down and rework the fit. The rolls' gears had to have .015" removed to allow the rolls to mesh to flush. The cam pins which adjust the rolls were WAY undersized, a floppy, sloppy fit, and had to be replaced. The roll clamp (upper right) didn't exist! This allowed the upper roll to raise upwards when inserting sheet stock, and as the crank was turned, the eccentricity was terrible.

A clamp was engineered and added. A lot of paint in the bearing areas had to be scraped. Overall, a piece of junk!

A view of my quick and dirty roll clamp. After sufficient work, the roll is now just adequate for the task of creating the gas turbine.

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