Purchased Components

I chose certain components to be purchsed rather than machined for a number of reasons... either the cost was low, or the part in question demanded exotic materials or was simply unmachineable on manual tools. JD Enterprises is the distributor, and Dennis apparently maintains a good stock. He was knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Part 035: Cast Nozzle Guide Vane (NGV)

This is an excellent investment casting of stainless steel. The guide vanes cause the hot exhaust gases to flow at the correct angle onto the turbine wheel, and also support the combustion chamber and shaft. The casting will require boring and turning to size, as well as drilling and tapping.

Part 003: The compressor

A stock Garret turbocharger wheel, this little guy comes pre-balanced and bored to 6mm.

Part 007: The diffuser

CNC machined of aluminum alloy, the diffuser is a critical component which "collects" the compressor output and straightens the radial, turbulent airflow into a well-behaved straight flow for introduction into the combustion chamber area. A small amount of the air is also used to cool the bearings through the tunnel shaft, and simultaneously drag a metered fuel/oil mixture into the same for lubrication.

This is a complex part which could be machined at home but only with a huge effort and time expenditure due to the airfoil-shaped vanes along the periphery, hence it is a wise purchase.

Part 025: The Turbine Wheel

Another part which really needs to be purchased is this turbine wheel, investment cast from Inconel 713. Early model gas turbines used a sheel stainless steel wheel formed into the correct shape with hand bending of the blades and grinding to shape. This is how far this segment of the hobby has come, that you can buy a certified, x-rayed wheel cast of inconel in this size! The wheel will still require boring, balancing, and a final grinding to size.

Various Combustion Chamber Parts

Probably the true bargain is a set of pre-spun and sized, laser-drilled SS sheet steel parts for the combustion chamber. The low price justifies this purchase!

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