Progress shot 9 Oct 1999

The process of final assembly of the engine itself has commenced. The engine mount is still a work in progress, and I haven't even begun the external plumbing yet. But this is still an exciting moment in the project! With the crankshaft assembled and the slave rods pinned in, the front and rear main bearings are mounted. Each rod now projects into its cylinder skirt area, and the piston is mounted. Onto the cylinder goes an induction/exhaust pipe assembly, with a .010" copper gasket. The pipes are left loose, and the entire cylinder is then slipped into the crankcase.

Eight SS 5-40 Hex nuts with washers are then used to affix the cylinder to the crankcase. Tightening these little guys is a very tedious affair, as there is barely room to sneak a tiny wrench onto some of the nuts... just getting them started is a challenge. After the cylinders are affixed, I plan on motoring the engine in the lathe, with the prop shaft held with a 1/2" collet. The oil pumps will be active, and I plan on running a quart or two through the engine, with the waste drained off.

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