Progress shot 12 July 1999

The entire distributor assembly is finished and tested! Inside the now-machined cap are the Hall IC carrier (adjustable for timing via the brass lever beneath the base, on the right), rotor carrier (machined phenolic), and brass rotor. The high tension center post carries a spring-loaded plunger to make contact with the rotor itself. The posts are brass, threaded 2-56.

The other brass fitting on the base is a shroud which carries a very tiny, 2-conductor plug. One of the conductors supplies +6v to the hall IC, the other returns the signal to the TIM-4 module, producing the spark from the ignition assembly.

The steel stem (fitted with an O-ring near the top) slides into the rear cover of the engine. The gear is driven from the tail of the crankshaft. Just above the gear is a machined groove which accepts a setscrew from the rear cover.

To test the distributor, I drilled 9 holes in a strip of aluminum, and tapped them 1/4-32. Into these, I fitted 9 spark plugs, and temporarily wired them to the distributor. A TIM-4 module and an old motorcycle coil (with 6 volt battery) completed the system. I chucked the tail of the distributor shaft in a hand drill, and spun it rapidly. I was rewarded with a quick and orderly firing of all nine spark plugs. Wheeee!

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