Progress shot 4 May 1999

And so begins the puzzling and tedious timing of the entire distributor assembly. Before I can key the rotor carrier to the distributor shaft, I must determine the rotor position relative to the high tension leads, the hall IC ferrous vane, and the manual spark retard/advance lever. The crankcase is assembled with the #1 cylinder installed. After placing the crankshaft to just ATDC, I have set the advance/retard lever to fully retarded, and am now determining just how to key the rotor to the distributor shaft.

The rotor tip must have an effective contact range of 30 degrees, which will give me 60 degrees of advance. Fully retarded, the trailing edge of the rotor tip must be in contact... then, as the spark is advanced, the point at which the rotor contacts the HT lead will also change.

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