Service ports, adaptors, and lube line

After a week or so asking for Festo sources, I gave up and turned some adapters from mild steel for 10-32 push-to-connect tube fittings. These required some modifications to the front of the engine, and while a tad large aesthetically, they will allow me to easily select from a vast selection of fittings.

Shown here are 4 steel adapters, 4 stainless service connectors, and a Legris 4mm tube fitting secured to a fifth adapter. The service connectors were easy to turn, but the drilling was tedious due to the toughness of the steel. Each required drilling through .059" for almost 1/2". I did break one drill before it was complete.

In use, the pipes are silver brazed to the fat ends, and the service connector pushed through the diffuser from the rear. Over this goes the case front, and then one of my turned adapters is srewed down to secure.

To prevent corrosion, the steel adapters were nickle plated. Here are all 5 adapters on a wire ring, suspended in the nickle solution. The anode can be seen inside a cloth bandage to the rear of the bucket. 2.0 volts created a 500 mA plating action for 30 minutes.

In place on the case front. The case front and the cone had to be spot-faced to accept the 5/16" wide base of the adapters. The adapter at 4:00 has a Legris fitting attached.

A view at the rear of the diffuser, showing the lube line. The air filter cover is secured with 3-48 SHCS. Also seen are the spot-faced service port locations around the periphery of the diffuser. A simple steel clip helps secure the lube line, which can be seen entering the front bearing recess at 8:00.

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