On this page, I am happy and proud to show what others have accomplished in the model engineering field. I have shared a bit of correspondence with many of these guys... their ingenuity and skills amaze me.
By Glen Bond...

This is a 2 cylinder four stroke engine. 2 cubic inch displacement. The crankcase and front and back covers are cast aluminum, the rocker boxes, cylinders and heads are from 6061 aluminum bar. Check my web page for more details. Construction of the engine is not yet complete.

See more at http://lodestone.dynodns.net

By David Pape - Dave has some very interesting projects going which parallel my own, including an EMCO FB2 mill conversion (his is doing work, unlike mine!), this beautiful small Continental opposed 4, and some turbines enroute, much of it done via his CNC rig.

David's web site

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