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Threading left-hand

See Wren Turbines Ltd to view their incredibly small model turbojet.

The plans are nicely done CAD drawings. The dimensions are metric. Certain items are best purchased rather than fabricated, noteably the turbine wheel and the compressor wheel, which is a stock Garrett turbocharger compressor.

See the Gas Turbine Builders Association Website for some excellent information and a FAQ.

These links will take you to specific portions of the Gas Turbine project in the chronological order of construction or acquisition...

Spot Welder, microprocessor controlled
Grizzly "baby roll" former
Various Purchased Components
009: The Filter Cover
022: The Case Rear
035: The Cast Nozzle Guide Vanes
011: The Shaft Tunnel
025: Boring the Turbine Wheel
012: The Shaft
Combustion chamber 1 - Inner and Outer chamber cases
Combustion chamber 2 - The fuel sticks and the chamber rear
Compressor and Turbine Nuts
006: The Case Front
Service ports and adaptors including the lube line
Shaft balancing
The fuel ring
Final Assembly and First Run
Test Run Cone Off
Electric Starter, Part 1 - The motor, housing, and bullet nose
Electric Starter, Part 2 - The pod arms and final starter assembly
Test Run, Cone on/Cone off, to 1.0 Bar
Fitting the custom EGT probe
A compressor nut with embedded magnets for tachometry.
A precision arbor for creating and contouring magnetic compressor nuts