New Pumps by Flight Works, Inc.

9 Sep 02: A couple of weeks ago, Mr Nadim Eid, of Flight Works, contacted me to see if I wanted to test two of his new, very small fuel pumps. Being tired of massively oversized Speed 280 pumps for MW54-sized turbines, I was intrigued, and Mr. Eid kindly sent two pumps to me. These arrived today (5 Sep 2002) less than 5 hours ago, and I was so impressed with the initial inspection that I wanted to get these photos up quickly. These pumps are small, well made, and very professional in appearance, fit, and finish.

Every pump that I have tried with the MW54 thrust and turboprop turbines has been a compromise. They are simply too big and pump too much fuel for these tiny turbines. The main problem is that throttle and ECU resolution suffers in these cases. For example, if the turbine idles at 2.3 V and is maxed at 2.7 V, an ECU has difficulty in achieving smooth throttle response over such a narrow range. The result is a certain amount of "ratcheting", rather than a smooth throttle, even with 10-bit pulse width modulation. To partially solve this problem, many pumps are often pressure restricted or a bypass is used. Both of these techniques are wasteful and ineffecient. By basing a gear pump on a smaller motor, I believe Flight Works has solved this problem, as well as saving both space and weight in the finished installation.

  Flight Works sent two pumps; both appear to have the same pump body, but the Model 100, (middle) has a smaller motor than the Model 200 (top). A Hausl pump is shown at the bottom for a size comparison.
A closer view of the two pumps. Both are equipped with suppression capacitors installed on a neat PCB at the rear of the motor.
Where the size difference is really obvious... looking at the ports. The Flight Works pumps are not only of a significantly smaller diameter, they have a flat along one edge which will allow the pumps to sneak into tight spaces inside a fuselage.
A very nice touch are these neat mounting brackets. Look at the size of the pump relative to my fingers. It is small!

Please check back in a day or two for a report on their performance.

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