Fuel Manifold

Fueling the turboprop is complex. There are two fuel ports on the gas gennie, and a third line delivers lubricating fuel/oil to the power turbine tunnel. I figured the best way to do this neatly would be to devise a manifold which also doubles as a structural member of the rail system for mounting.

  The manifold started as an aluminum rectangle, width equal to the distance between the rails. It was milled to the shape shown. The stub which protrudes will carry a banjo fitting to feed the power turbine tunnel.
The first step was to engineer a "carry through" connection for the input of the fuel pump. The push to connect fitting will be connected to the fuel tank... the barb will be connected to the pump.
The manifold was drilled through its length near the top edge. Both ends were tapped for a sealing set screw.
On the top, the three ports were located and drilled through to the fuel hole previously drilled.

For the tunnel, some form of restrictor is needed. I modified a stock fitting for this restrictor, which was pressed in place into the fitting.

Additionally, the manifold carries the two electronic ports which connect the ecu to the outside world... the left port is for the R/C connection, and the right port is for the LCD readout for the ECU.

In place on the rails. The electronic "carry-throughs" were tested and passed. You can see the three output ports on the top of the manifold, with the center port missing its banjo fitting to the power turbine tunnel.

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