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Final assembly of the radial engine.

Basic specifications: 9 cylinders, air cooled, spark ignition. Bore 1.000", stroke 1.125". Dia 11.25". 7.95 CI displacement, 6.7 to 1 compression ratio. 2-row 4-lobed cam, rotation 1/8 contra to crankshaft. Full pressure oil system, dry sump (scavenge pump).

Plans are available from Ageless Engines, Mr. Lee Hodgson, (513) 791-3098. They consist of roughly 150 high quality CAD drawings. Construction started in August of 1997. This is the fourth engine I have built, but only the second internal-combustion engine.

Summary Page
Spark Ignitions

These following links will take you to specific portions of the radial engine project while it was under construction. If you just want to see the finished engine, click here.

Progress Pics:
02 FEB 00
03 JAN 00
27 DEC 99
First Running
14 OCT 99
09 OCT 99
12 JUL 99
04 MAY 99