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Materials courtesy of Ebay, Bosch-Rexroth, THK, and NSK
Ballscrews by THK and SMI4Motion
CAD by Rhino; CAM by Visual Mill
Research, concept, materials - Why I decided to do it this way
Ebay is a MUST... - True statememt; motion hardware is expensive!
The base; Y axis mount - How it looks and fits at the bottom
Y axis ballscrew - Fixed end flange bearings, ballscrew details
Master rail guide; limit switches - Some of the little stuff which must be done
Motor Mount Plate - Creating NEMA 23 mounts from plate stock with accuracy
Motor Standoffs, Couplings - Servo mounts; Oldham couplers
Aligning the Y-axis Ways - How to work with THK linear motion blocks and rails
X axis, Part I - Modifying a cheap iron table
X axis, Part II - Installing motion hardware to the table
X axis Accuracy Test - The X-axis is complete and working great
G-Code motion; MPEG - The first CNC motion in my shop
The 'Near' Dead Servo Driver - A cry for help from the wilderness
Y axis Rail Mount, servo encoder saga - Just some filler so you guys didn't think I was comatose
The Z-axis; planning stage - Prior planning prevents p-poor performance... we've all heard of that one
A new Ballscrew for the Z axis - Turning and fitting a new journal in the end of a hardened ballscrew shaft
Z-Axis Ballscrew Backplate - 1/2" thick aluminum plate makes mounting and adjusting a snap
Z-Axis NSK rail mounting - milling the big side plates to accurately mount the rails
Z-Axis Ballnut Carrier - connecting the ballnut to the spindle
Z-Axis Spindle Backplate - bringing it together; getting close!
Sherline Spindle Mounting Block - Spacing the spindle C-line relative to the table
A NEMA 34 Motor for the Z - Boring an encoder disk
Final Assembly Part I - The column is added; Y and X axes installed
Final Assembly Part II - Spindle, limit switch, gas spring, simple engraving test cut
KaVo 4041 HF Spindle Bracket Part I - Roughing and boring the clamp bracket
First 'Real' CNC Task : Modeling and Toolpath - Creating some cooling fins for the KaVo block with Rhino and Visual Mill
First 'Real' CNC Task : Machining the fins - The mill goes to work with the Sherline spindle
Kavo Plumbing, MORE Y-axis limit switches - Maybe I'll get it right this time
Supercharged Sherline Spinde - Part I, sheaves - Getting almost 10K from a Sherline ER16 spindle
Supercharged Sherline Spinde - Part II, sheaves - They're done
Supercharged Sherline Spinde - Part III, Motor Mount - Work begins on a new mount for the big motor
Supercharged Sherline Spinde - Part IV, Motor Mount - Completion of the adjustable mount.
Tests and Ramblings - 3d contouring tests; more hardware mods

The KaVo Collet, revisited - These are difficult to make...

Cutter Stop Rings - Getting consistent Z without fixed tooling

Swarf Guarding - Part I, Concept and Y-axis Front - A much-needed retrofit starting with a stock Gortite bellows

Swarf Guarding - Part II, Y-axis Rear and Skirts - The Y axis is complete; the X-axis is inspected